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Jan Odvarko, Simon Lindholm

Next meeting: 19th of March

Just a quick meeting today so, the summary below are TODOs from the last week:


  • Firebug 1.11.3
    • some backports already done
    • needs to be properly tested yet


  • Honza: traveling to SF next week

Firebug Lite

  • Honza: move the code-base to github repo
  • Florent: send email to French Mozilla community asking for maintainers
    • Honza: do a blog post about Firebug Lite
    • Florent: reference the blog post


  • The Watch
    • Edit functionality missing
    • Command line evaluation needed


  • Issue 5321: Command Line API not available when stopped in the debugger
    • Simon and Florent working on this
    • Doesn't sound helpful for the Watch Panel at this point.
  • Issue 6280: firebug causes javascript error with +1 button
    • Honza: take a look and repro the problem
  • Issue 4009: XHR messages are different in the Net and Console panel
    • undefined displayed
    • HTTP status is not there, time is not there
    • Honza take a look
  • Issue 6268: Expose a clean "console" object to the Command Line
  • Issue 6291: use evalInGlobalWithBindings() instead of eval()
    • Related to each other; issue 6291 should be done first
  • Issue 5416: Auto-completion for Command Line API
    • Simon: in-progress
  • Issue 6279: Show Completion List Popup when pressing Ctrl+Space on empty Command Line
    • Simon: create a new branch, so we can prototype
  • Issue 6253: Auto-correction of breakpoints location
  • Issue 4979: Group console messages

Firebug T-Shirt

  • Steven: Firebug shop created
    • We need to figure out how to join it with MoFo Firebug account
    • Waiting for feedback from MoFo