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Jan Odvarko, Simon Lindholm, Steven Roussey


  • Firebug 1.12 alpha 4 needed
    • We should do triage next week

Firebug & DevTools Integration

Opinions in not particular order:

  • The prototype looks good (entire Firebug as one built-in panel) and we should continue with it.
  • Panel duplication is confusing
  • Dependency is bad especially if built-in tools are rapidly changing. Firebug always supports more Firefox versions.
  • Firebug strength is in using all panel since they are integrated.
  • Context menu is also duplicated and many users complained.
  • If duplicated context menu is confusing, duplicated panels would be super confusing.
  • The option hiding the buil-in inspector menu item should be more visible to the user.
  • Who is the Firebug user?
  • Perspectives could be too complicated.
  • Being more like Apple not like Eclipse. Having power, but not being complicated.


  • Firebug instance per Firefox tab
    • Sounds good
    • Steven provide some more thoughts next week
    • Does mean slower Firebug loading, which could be bad (but there is a cache, right?).


  • It might make sense to do intermediate release 1.12 with no JSD2
  • We should still keep 4-5 months release cycle


  • Issue 6291: use evalInGlobalWithBindings() instead of eval()
    • Simon and Florent: high priority
    • Needs to be tested with master, all tests must pass
    • Then integrate to JSD2 branch
  • Issue 5416: Auto-completion for Command Line API
    • Simon take a look
  • Issue 6168: Update Firebug to use the new Private Browsing APIs
    • Honza take a look


  • Waiting for feedback From Mozilla Foundation
    • MFO doesn't like