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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Gal Steinitz, Simon Lindholm


  • Firebug 1.11.3 still waiting for review
  • Firebug 1.12 alpha 6?

Firebug Lite

  • New contributor: Gal Steinitz
    • Strong in JavaScript and SQL background
  • Steps to be done
    • First step: migrate to GIT (keep history if possible)
    • Honza: Kick off a thread about Firebug Lite structure
    • We should create a new wiki page for Firebug Lite.
    • We should also search for existing wiki pages
    • Bug triage should be done
    • We should move issue list to GitHub.
    • Honza: make sure Gal has privileges to all necessary groups/services
    • Next goal: debugging on mobile (iPhone/iPad, ...)


  • Honza: Implement a driver for this test
    • Still TODO


  • Issue 6422: Add a right click option for accessing objects in the Command Line
    • Simon is working on it
    • We should try to put it into a6
  • Issue 229: Allow event types to be filtered with "Log Events"
    • Feedback says keep it
    • For now we are done
  • Issue 6402: Don't abuse the debugger service for injecting "console"
    • Not much progress
    • We should discuss next time again
    • Florent working on this
  • issue 6268: Expose a clean "console" object to the Command Line
    • Old proxy works
    • Honza: ask Eddy Bruel about old Proxy stuff (how long it'll be supported); ask also about the silly bug 793210
  • Issue 6133: Default include() alias for jQuery
    • Florent: need to fix reset-all-options
  • @-rules display inside CSS panel
    • FIXED Issue 1717: CSS Panel does not have @media UI
    • FIXED Issue 5912: Show @supports rules inside CSS panel
    • FIXED Issue 5290: Show @-moz-keyframes rules inside CSS panel
    • FIXED Issue 5429: Show @-moz-document rules inside CSS panel
    • Need hierarchical support
      • FIXED Issue 5913: Allow nesting of CSS rules (this one is committed)
    • Honza: Read through to understand it properly

Code Mirror

  • Great progress
  • We should check licenses
    • We should ask Gerv
  • Merge with jsd2 branch

Console API spec

JSD2 Adoption

  • Debugging dynamically evaluated scripts!
    • Blocked by bug 865313: It is not possible to debug dynamically evaluated scripts