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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm

Mozilla Summit

  • Everyone should have the invitation by now
    • Only Farshid is invited to Santa Clara, USA
    • Any other problems/questions?


  • Firebug 1.12 beta 1?
    • Investigate all blockers first (see below)

Firebug Lite

Status update from Gal (through e-mail):

  • My priorities continue to be simplifying the build and contribution process and then working on encouraging new developers to help out.

Firebug 1.12 Blockers

  • Issue 4667: Enhance console filter to also cover messages inside groups
    • Sebastian: investigate
  • Issue 5768: Feedback from AMO Review
    • Honza: spent some time on this
  • Issue 5916: Net panel shows request stuck in progress when opening it in a new tab
    • Honza: investigate
  • Issue 6296: Cookie permissions doesn't work
    • Honza: investigate, review patches from Simon and Sebastian
    • network.cookie.cookieBehavior must be set to 3 (the default)
    • Use to test
  • Issue 6385: Firebug influences caching of XHR requests to the same URL
    • Honza: investigate
  • Issue 6516: Detection of grouped console messages is slow
    • Sebastian: investigate
  • Issue 6557: Font previews don't work
    • Sebastian: investigate
    • The problem seems to be in Style side panel code
    • cssReps.js, populateFontFamilyInfoTip
  • Issue 4978: The Console panel should not activate JSD by default.
    • Honza: investigate
  • Issue 6550: Location Menu is not displayed after reloading a page with CSS files just in frames
    • Honza: read and comment
    • We need general APIs
  • Issue 6484: Added Fuzzy Search Capabilities to File Filter
    • Florent did some update
    • Honza: test
  • Issue 5440: Integrate EventBug into Firebug
  • Issue 6522: Implement the getEventListeners command line API
    • Simon working on those.
    • Simon will try to get getEventListeners into 1.12