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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner

Mozilla Summit

  • Everyone should proceed with the last registration step


  • Firebug 1.12 beta 6 on Thursday
  • Final 1.12 should be out on Monday 19th of August
    • Review passed
    • Build done one week before


  • Florent: 04/08 - 12/08
  • Simon: 07/22 - 08/09
  • Honza: 09/08 - 12/08
  • Sebastian: 12/08 - 16/08

Firebug 1.12 Blockers

  • Issue 6557: Font previews don't work
    • Florent working on it
    • Honza ready to help if needed. Ask for status.
  • Issue 6516: Detection of grouped console messages is slow
    • Sebastian working on it, should be done Wednesday evening
    • Honza review the development branch
    • Some conclusions: objects are not grouped by default, but there are exceptions: Date and RegExp are small and quick to compare, so we can group them.
    • We could also quickly compare "simple objects". Where simple object doesn't have inner objects and not "too many" properties. But, there is still a problem that objects can change during logging. We could use toSource() to generate an ID at the beginning to compare objects.
  • Issue 6598: Log groups must not be grouped
  • Issue 6602: document.cookie should not group the raw string and the table display
    • Should be fixed together with issue 6516
  • Obj.areEqual() should be private (moved back to console dir)


  • toSource() is not offered by Completion List Popup
  • Bug 901841: Error message for invalid regular expressions in 'pattern' attribute lacks information about where it occurred
    • Reported by Sebastian
    • Sebastian: Give feedback on how the API for the source info (element reference) should look like