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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Steven Roussey, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Simon Lindholm


  • Firebug 1.12 final
    • Honza: build XPI tomorrow, upload to AMO
    • Steven, Honza: update devtoolsecrets
    • Honza: work on blog posts
    • Honza: create a new firebug1.12 branch


  • No new vacations

1.12 blocker

  • Issue 6674: 1000 error test locks up browser
    • Steven: report the problem
    • Sebastian: analyze
    • Honza: help Sebastian


  • Issue 6557 Font previews don't work
    • Florent: some comments from Simon need to be incorporated
    • Not ready for 1.12, will be part of next dot release
    • Honza: review
  • Issue 5720: Allow to pin the Quick Info Box
    • Jalil: Introduce a new close button (use an existing icon).
    • Honza: ready to help
  • Issue 6666: wrong file, wrong line# in error message
    • Honza: take a look
  • Issue 6654: toSource() is not offered by Completion List Popup
    • toSource() should not be in ignore list
  • Issue 6484: Added Fuzzy Search Capabilities to File Filter
    • Florent: put some summary to the issue
  • Issue 6576: Check addons for breakage in combination with Firebug 1.12
    • Honza: blog more about extensions
    • Florent: has a patch for CodeBurner