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Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Simon Lindholm


  • Firebug 1.12.1 soon
    • includes patches for issue 6703 and 6689 (required) and others
    • We need to test the missing icons on Mac, Steven?
    • Skip beta to ship faster? yes!
    • Honza: can build, ship and push on AMO review probably yet this week (or Monday)


  • Main goals: JSD2, 5-10 new features, better UI (tabbar and toolbar)
  • Priorities: JSD2 has highest priority
    • File jsd2 related bugs
  • Who is working on what: we should all work on JSD2
  • The next milestone: 6 months
  • New Features
    • Each contributor should pick one issue he'd like to implement for the next version
    • Discuss them on next meeting


  • Issue 4930: Headers in net requests should be collapsible
    • Jakob working on this
    • Styling issues
    • Preference for saving collapsed state is missing
    • Steven: Test on Mac
  • Issue 6333: Pressing Escape in search field should clear it
    • Jalil working on this
    • Jalil: sent a pull request
    • Pressing Esc should clear the search matches (Simon: create new issue)
  • Issue 6557: Font previews don't work
    • Florent is working on this
    • Florent: Preparing protocol for testing performance issues
    • Still needing some work
  • Issue 6661: Clicking ">" should add a new attribute in the HTML panel
    • Search for proper keyboard shortcuts
    • Two new issues for related shortcuts: 6707, 6708
  • Issue 6478: Add shortcuts for copying and pasting HTML content
    • Florent: Come up with options