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Jan Odvarko, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm


  • Firebug 1.12.3
    • Honza: do the build tomorrow


  • Issue 6821: Tell the user that JSD slows down opening Firebug and tab switching
    • Change the text color to black (in the console panel)
    • Merge to master
    • Backport to 1.12 (will be in 1.12.3)
  • Issue 6830: evaluated expressions should be listed in the script panel
    • The Script panel script-type menu works
    • Stack trace is available
    • When should evaluated expressions be shown?
    • Honza: take a look at the code
    • Sebastian: mockups for issue 2811 show how evaluated expressions could be displayed
  • Issue 2811: Replace script menu button in script panel by tree view
    • Could be something we want for 2.0
    • Honza?: implement it
  • Issue 6831: Adapt some commands to the Watch side panel
    • Won't fix
  • Issue 6791: Add cookie breakpoint break notification
    • Honza: TODO
    • Display the notification for everything but standard JS breakpoints
    • At some point we can use limit notification UI for this
    • See mockup
  • Issue 6740: Display registered MutationObservers for an element
    • display parents
    • Implement optional second argument for "not parents"
  • Issue 6832: Erroneous output from console.assert
    • Honza: investigate

Still TODOs:

  • Issue 6702: Improve design of the search options popup window
    • We could yet improve the placeholder text
    • The Script panel lost the hint for "jump to line"
  • Issue 6557: Font previews don't work
    • Honza: review changes


  • Bug 823840 - AMO is offering wrong add-on version
    • Honza: TODO


  • Everyone: more JSD2 related reports!