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Jan Odvarko, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm, Jakob Kaltenbrunner


  • Firebug 1.12.3

Mozilla Summit 2013

  • CSS autocompletion API
    • Issue 6841: Use platform API for CSS autocompletion
  • Integrated help for HTML/JS
    • Do we have the right web services?
    • Some platform APIs are planned, but there no estimate.
    • Bug 768456 - API call for getting the first n docs to appear for a search term
  • Info tips
    • less transparent, more interactive
    • display CSS transformations
    • Visual Studio has good example
    • Issues needed
  • Pixel Perfect
    • We can't take over, but we can ask to change the description and point to a new version.
    • Chrome has similar extension
  • Introduce Florent & Mihai
    • Hook the built-in console object
    • Florent: there is a related bug number
    • CC: Simon, Honza, Florent, Sebastian
    • Florent: Make sure we have a Firebug issue
  • Expose objects to content
    • Avoid __exposedProps__ in the future.
    • Honza: Create test case for
    • Florent: report a new issue and discuss an alternative (yet before the test case)
  • Firebug Startup Time
    • Test using Gecko profiler
    • Try to join files (probably won't help)
    • Perhaps removing comments?
  • Join sf-monument group on
  • Use Telemetry
    • and get more user stats info
    • get exceptions
    • Performance data (startup time)


  • Simon: console/completion/959
  • Simon: console/completion/4233


  • Test the jsd2 branch
  • Submit bug reports