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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Jakob Kaltenbrunner


  • Firebug 1.12.4 Released
    • Positive feedback!


  • Issue 6851: Show the index in the output of console.table()
    • Do not generate the index column if the list of columns is specified unless the users provides "(index)". If such property exists, it should be used instead.
    • Add registerCommand to CommandLine object
    • Florent: keep the dependency hack in the patch and do clean comment.

Module Dependency

  • The "firebug/firebug" module has minimal dependencies (only e.g. on "firebug/lib/*", etc).
  • The Firebug object is the only global we have. I think we need to keep it mainly because of back compatibility and XUL scopes.
  • It would be good practice if a module that uses the Firebug object also declares the dependency (i.e. almost every module, except of the basic ones like e.g. "firebug/lib/*")
  • In order to have minimal deps in "firebug/firebug" we probably need to split it into (the file is relatively big anyway, ~3000 lines):
    • "firebug/firebug" - the Firebug object (public API: mostly the registration methods, a lot of code/logic could be moved into "firebug/chrome/chrome", but we need some of the public API for extensions, I guess)
    • "firebug/events/eventSource"
    • "firebug/chrome/module"
    • "firebug/chrome/extension" (probably obsolete)
    • "firebug/chrome/panel"
    • "firebug/chrome/activablePanel"
    • "firebug/chrome/activableModule"
    • "firebug/chrome/measureBox"
    • "firebug/chrome/rep" (super object for all reps)
    • "firebug/chrome/migrator" (probably obsolete)


  • Should log messages of console.log() and console.debug() have the same level?
    • Voting
    • Honza, Florent: Keep it as it is (different level)


  • Testing, testing, testing
    • Florent did great job with testing
  • Issue 6824: Randomly get "Unresponsive Script Warning" with CommandEditor.html
    • Honza: take a look. Could be related to CM initialize/destroy
  • Issue 6879: Right clicking out of the selection should never collapse the selection
    • Honza: fix it
  • Issue 6855: Display the returned value or the exception thrown
    • Florent: try to always return instance of ObjectClient from within ClientCache.getObject
  • Issue 6857: Give the ability to modify the returned value
    • Do we really need a $return variable on the command line? The life time is limited (the user needs to be stepping exactly at the return expression of a function call)
    • There can be a collision with jQuery ($return)


  • Mihai's response for hooking the built-in console object.
    • Florent: create an issue in our issue list
  • Blogging about Firebug
    • Honza: blogging in English
    • Sebastian: going to blog in German
    • Florent: French?


(still TODO, copied from the last notes)

  • There are failures, we should fix them

Pull Requests

(still TODO, copied from the last notes)

  • Autocompletion
    • Simon fixes bunch of issues
    • Pull request:
    • We should provide feedback.
    • Simon: post some instructions how to test the patch in to the pull request.
    • Others: test, follow Simon's instructions.