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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil


  • Firebug 1.13 alpha 5
    • Honza: Should be released on Friday
    • Fixed issues
    • No new features, just an update

Firebug Lite

  • Gal Steinitz doesn't have time anymore for FB Lite
  • Honza: there is a pull request, ask the guy if he wants to join/merge/release new version
  • Answer questions and triage bug reports, tell the users that resources are missing but encourage them to provide patches


  • Bug 815603: JSD.pause and unPause is slow
    • We need the workaround to avoid pause/unPause until it's fixed on the platform
    • We need to discuss in the Bugzilla bug
    • We can improve the warning (keep it there all the time, remove "Got It" button)
    • Simon's response: I don't think we should back it out, either. Better improve our warnings etc.
      Right, and make the log row slightly smaller.
      We do have a real problem in that disabling Firebug in every tab still doesn't disable the debugger; we have to fix that. It might actually even make sense to disable the debugger when minimizing Firebug? Because I suspect some users minimize rather than disable Firebug when they don't use it. We should call when Firebug is disabled in all tabs. IMO


  • Issue 6923: Reimplement PixelPerfect in Firebug
    • Simon: I'd like to see a single button in the HTML panel toolbar that toggles that floating window.
    • Let's continue discussing about having the feature implemented as an extension or built in Firebug in the bug report.
  • Issue 6898: Ask for an API to extend the hooked console Object
    • Florent's waiting for feedback
    • No feedback from the rest of team so far
    • Sebastian: will provide a feedback
  • Issue 6934: A red circle should appear when checking "Break on Property Change" in the watch panel
    • Breakpoint column in the Watch panel: rather no (at least no at this point)
    • is obsolete already (bug 934669)


  • We need more testing
    • Florent did a great job with testing, we need more!
    • Before we do an alpha release from jsd2 branch we need all tests green.
    • We also need to adopt test harness.
    • Sebastian: test Firebug 1.12.3 + Firefox try-build and provide feedback to Boris.
    • Try build link


  • Michael Rennie has less time for maintenance
  • FWG will replace it by RDP


  • Sebastian still working on his blog
  • We need some topics to blog about.
  • Sebastian will kick off a email thread with Sören to put together a plan for posts about Firebug.


Simon: could anyone review my HTML auto-completion patches?

  • Issue 6814: Auto-complete CSS styles within the HTML "style" attribute
  • Issue 3700: Add auto-completion for HTML attributes
    • Honza: should take a look