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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Simon Lindholm


  • Blogging about Firebug
    • Sebastian will talk to Sören
    • Contributions is not only coding, we need translators and others, too
    • We have a lot prepared for the future
    • We are working on a strategy how to supplement built-in tools
    • Next version will be 2.0
  • Strategy to overwrite default dev-tools behavior
    • Florent: create an issue for this
    • Let's have one pref to switch back to default dev-tools settings: extensions.firebug.defaultDevToolsSettings
    • We don't know how or whether to expose the pref to the UI. But it should be visible otherwise users could disable the Firebug extension instead. The option could be in the Shortcuts dialog. The dialog could even offer a second set of shortcuts without collisions.


  • Firebug 1.12.5 release this week
    • Backport Issue 6941
    • Backport Issue 6942
    • Sebastian: double check
    • Honza: backport and upload to AMO tomorrow
    • Sebastian: clone issue 6941 and suggest improvements
    • Honza: start working on a blog post


  • Issue 6557: Font previews don't work
    • Discuss next time
    • Should we backport to 1.12?
  • Issue 6855: Display the returned value or the exception thrown
    • Florent: merge to jsd2 branch
    • TODO1: highlight just once
    • TODO2: change the background to non-white
  • Issue 6851: Show the index in the output of console.table()
    • Florent: retest
    • Honza: review
  • Issue 6913
    • Honza: reply
    • The announcement should be clear and not confuse people
    • Link to the announcement
  • Bug 931752: Webfonts are still cached when the browser cache is disabled
    • Honza: Ask again in the bug.


  • We still need more testing
  • Honza: write docs
    • Debugger stepping


Simon: could anyone review my HTML auto-completion patches?

  • Issue 6814: Auto-complete CSS styles within the HTML "style" attribute
  • Issue 3700: Add auto-completion for HTML attributes
    • Honza: should take a look

Code Styling

  • We shouldn't use for each ... in it's deprecated.
    • MDN encourages to use for ... of instead
    • We should test how to join all modules into one.
    • Florent: provide a repo with a prototype (joining all modules)

Discuss next time

  • Could we lazy load entire panels?
  • More labels for code comments
    • Maybe we need @deprecated
    • Maybe we need APIs
  • Closure Inspector
    • Simon working on it
  • JSD2, we need FBTests!