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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil

Next Meeting: 7th of January 2014



  • Honza: 13/12/21 - 14/01/01 (mostly available)
  • Sebastian: this week, but mostly available


  • Issue 7044: Can we get source lines even when Script panel is disabled?
    • No, the debugger must be enabled.
  • Issue 7030: The debugger should not be enabled when the Script panel is disabled
  • Issue 7039: Script panel activation status not shown in Firebug button tooltip
    • Honza working on these
    • Do we need the third state for the Start Button icon when we have JSD2? (We introduced this for JSD1 in 1.12.5.)
    • Can we get the source line without switching to the web console APIs? (do the same as Mihai).
    • We can also use the tabCache (used already for "source edit", net panel, ...)
  • Issue 7053: Create unified design for toolbar buttons
    • Sebastian: great work!
    • Honza: use a little gray triangle (SVG) for status path separator => report a bug
  • Issue 6993: The start button icon looks weird in Australis Nightly build
    • Honza: fix this
  • Use monospace font on OSX
    • Sebastian: create an issue report
  • Issue 7058: Command editor toggle button shift one pixel vertically when opened
    • Simon: change the height on Linux
    • Florent: should review


UI Theming

  • Issue 1705: Make Firebug Colors customizable
  • We want to have a dark theme.
  • We could allow customized theming.
  • Probably not for the next release, but afterwards

From last week

  • Issue 6991: Ctrl+Shift+C conflicts with Firefox DevTools' Inspector