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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Steven Roussey, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Simon Lindholm, Florent Fayolle

Meeting Agenda:


  • Firebug 1.13 alpha 9
    • Honza: release on Friday
  • Firebug 1.12.7 preparation
    • Simon: Port Issue 7144: DebuggerLib.getInactiveDebuggeeGlobal can provide debuggers from a destroyed context
    • Simon: Port Issue 7145: getEventListeners includes the HTML panel mutation observer


  • access contacts:
    • Corey Shields [:cshields] <>
    • Brandon Burton [:solarce] <>


  • Issue 6871: Console grouping should be listed in the options of the Console Panel
    • Jakob: working on this one
  • Issue 7155: Add a shortcut for toggling an element's display
    • Jakob: working on this
    • H - toggle visibility: hidden
    • Shift+H - toggle display: none
    • element style or class?
    • Jakob: summarize all comments in the issue report


  • Sebastian: prepare new rules for string key names

Google Summer Code

  • Discuss next time (when Djalil is there)
  • Dave Camp is saying the process can be long and the outcome small.

Google Summer of Code

JSD2 Bug Triage

  • Issue 6850: Searching for text in the script panel doesn't work
    • Honza: fix Sebastian's comments
    • All: Provide feedback on multiple highligted lines
  • Issue 6955: Right-clicking breakpoint column doesn't always open the breakpoint condition editor
    • Sebastian: working on it
  • Issue 7029: Script panel always claims "No Javascript on this page" until reload
    • Honza: analyze
  • Issue 7041: Console API stack traces are broken
    • Simon: working on it
  • Issue 7079: Implement Break On Next in the script panel
    • Florent: implement this as an independent module
    • Ask Honza
  • Issue 7082: OSX style issues in new UI
    • Steven: will look at this
  • Issue 7147: Script panel should be consistent in which script to show first
    • let's discuss this again
    • it's not a blocker
  • Issue 7044: Source lines should be shown even when Script panel is disabled
    • Do some benchmark about the impact of nsITraceableChannel