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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Simon Lindholm, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil

Meeting Agenda:



  • Honza: vacation: Thursday, Friday
  • Honza: not attending next meeting (Sebastian running it)

JSD2 Bug Triage

  • Issue 6850: Searching for text in the script panel doesn't work
    • Honza: DONE
  • Issue 7029: Script panel always claims "No Javascript on this page" until reload
    • Honza: DONE
  • Issue 6955: Right-clicking breakpoint column doesn't always open the breakpoint condition editor
    • Sebastian: DONE
  • Issue 7041: Console API stack traces are broken
    • Simon: DONE
  • Issue 7079: Implement Break On Next in the script panel
    • Florent: DONE
  • Issue 7082: OSX style issues in new UI
    • Thomas is working on this
    • Steven: please review
  • Issue 6824: Randomly get "Unresponsive Script Warning" with CommandEditor.html
    • Florent is working on this (CM 4 needed)
  • Issue 6867: Setting conditional breakpoints slows down the execution of the JS
    • Honza: mark as commit and create follow up
  • Issue 7097: Support for dynamically evaluated scripts
    • Honza is working on this
  • Issue 7127: Fix "Break On All Errors" in regard of "Break On Exceptions" and "Ignore Caught Exceptions
    • Change the UI?
    • Honza: read comments and provide feedback to Sebastian
  • Issue 7169: "Show Stack Trace With Errors" works despite disabled Script panel
    • Simon, is this a blocker?
    • We should analyze it
  • Issue 7170: Removed commands added for JSD2 debugging
    • Simple
  • Issue 7169: "Show Stack Trace With Errors" works despite disabled Script panel
    • Can we use the debugger when the Script panel is disabled? Probably not.
  • Issue 7176: Firebug fails to mark lines as executable when previous line ends a function
    • Honza: analyze this
  • Issue 7160: The Script panel doesn't scroll properly
    • If somebody can take this one, it would be great
    • Also might have an impact on tests (run entire script group, script/4724issue4724.js fails)


  • List of failing tests:
  • Should be our top priority (as soon as all tests pass, we can think about first Firebug 2.0 alpha)
  • Sebastian: create HTML search failure report
  • Issue 7166: Fix FBTests on JSD2 branch
  • create new tests for specific features and APIs
  • Remove duplicates?

DevTools Meeting

  • Honza: in Portland February 17-21.
  • Usualy kind of a hackaton meeting where everyone is trying to put together something new.
  • I'd like to work on PixelPerfect (or support for dynamic scripts JSD2 if ready). It's new, specific feature, devtools don't have it (see issue 6923)
  • Figuring out what new features we could have (for free or low resources), e.g. pretty print, source maps, etc. Sounds like a great opportunity to work on those things, when devtools people are nearby and can help (Simon)
  • Could we join the meeting? (Florent). Yes, when it's in Europe (yet this year).

Future Firebug Steps

  • After JSD2 is in place (Firebug 2.0), we need to think about full RDP support (all panels). The current (rough) estimate is that electrolysis (e10s) could be ready in 12 months. There will be fall-back support for some time (switching off e10s)
  • Basics:
    • Focus on domain specific features (like e.g. PixelPerfect, jQuery, etc.)
    • Expose domain specific features to toolbox (integration)
    • Reuse existing backend and RDP features
    • Complement, not compete
    • User don't want two separate tools
    • Firebug has always been an extension, after all
  • A thing I'd really like to ask to Mozilla would be allowing addons to disable electrolysis if the addon doesn't I support it. Otherwise I fear many addons will be discontinued (a remark that is more global than the only case of Firebug) (Florent)
  • If you ask me the next step should be to make the defect list smaller. There are 583 open defects currently. We should get them below 250 or even 100 before we start working hard on a new big feature. (Jakob)
  • And we should rather try to add useful, simple, specific tools than advanced features (Simon).
  • Devtools try hard to cover every single advanced use-case, like memory profiling etc., and we shouldn't feel the need to do that (Simon).
  • In some sense we want to compete, but with friendly competition, of course. (Simon)
  • My favorite new feature is CSS saving, as you might guess (Simon)