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Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm (with mic!)

Meeting Agenda:


  • Firebug 1.12.7
  • Firebug 1.13a10
    • Wait for Honza

JSD2 Bug Triage

Blocking bugs

  • Issue 6568: Font viewer is broken
    • Requires to read from source cache for web fonts
    • Florent: Do performance measurements for network API
  • Issue 6824: Randomly get "Unresponsive Script Warning" with CommandEditor.html
    • Florent is working on this (CodeMirror 4 needed)
    • Auto-completion in Command Editor broken
    • CodeMirror 4 will be released in March
  • Issue 6867: Setting conditional breakpoints slows down the execution of the JS
    • Honza: mark as commit and create follow up
  • Issue 6943: Watch panel is flickery
    • Honza: working on this
  • Issue 7082: OSX style issues in new UI
    • Steven made some changes directly to the jsd2 branch
    • Thomas: rebase branch on Steven's changes
  • Issue 7097: Support for dynamically evaluated scripts
    • Honza: working on this
  • Issue 7127: Fix "Break On All Errors" in regard of "Break On Exceptions" and "Ignore Caught Exceptions"
    • Change the UI?
    • Honza, Florent, Simon: read comments and provide feedback to Sebastian
  • Issue 7166: Fix FBTests on JSD2 branch
    • Doing good progress (see below)
  • Issue 7169: "Show Stack Trace With Errors" works despite disabled Script panel
    • Simon: fix it
  • Issue 7176: Firebug fails to mark lines as executable when previous line ends a function
    • Simon: either a simple fix or a platform bug
  • Issue 7181: Error breakpoint can't be set
    • Sebastian: investigate
  • Issue 7182: The horizontal scrollbar of the Command Editor is weird
    • Florent: working on this
  • Profiler is slow
    • We probably need APIs for that.
    • Sebastian: check whether there's already an issue for that

Other JSD2 issues

  • Issue 6789: "Rerun" needs to be reimplemented
    • Florent: try to find a solution
    • Defer if too complicated