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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil

Meeting Agenda:


  • Firebug 1.12.7 released during the meeting
  • Firebug 1.13 alpha 10 next Friday

DevTools Meeting

  • September/October, London
  • Florent, Sebastian: want to attend, but need to check if they have free time for it.


JSD2 issues

  • Remove Re-run feature
    • Florent: remove the button from the UI
  • Issue 6968: Improve UI of Command Editor auto-completion popup
    • We should use the same UI as for the Command Line.
  • Issue 7201: (Re-)implement //# sourceURL
    • Ask for displayURL property for all dynamically evaluated scripts
    • Honza: ask Jim


  • Bug 978019 - Breakpoint doesn't get hit on self-executing function
    • Honza: feedback


  • We need analyses first - panel by panel and Firebug itself.
  • We want full RDP support.
  • The entire team needs to focus on it.

Coding Style

  • Private functions
    • Do not expose any private functions from a module
    • Use existing naming convention for all functions