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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm, Joe Walker, Steven Roussey, Jakob Kaltenbrunner

Meeting Agenda:


  • Honza: Easter holidays (Friday 18/04 and Monday 21/04)

Firebug Releases

  • Firebug 2 beta 2?
    • We could do beta on Thursday
    • Honza: ping me about ideas for blog post topic (related to new features in Firebug 2)

Firebug 2 Extension Compatibility

  • We should check the list we have
  • Sebastian: get link to the old stylesheet

Firebug 2 Blockers

  • Issue 7127: Fix "Break On All Errors" in regard of "Break On Exceptions" and "Ignore Caught Exceptions"
    • Should be fixed
    • Break on All errors is still enabled in 1.12.8 works
    • What if the "ignore caught exception" wouldn't influence the Break on All errors (as temp solution).
    • We can move "ignore caught exception" into the Console panel.
    • We can move "break on all errors" into the Script panel.
  • Make an option that ignores timeouts when Break on Next is activated.
    • Florent: file an issue
  • Issue 7203: A throbber should appear when setting a breakpoint in the Console panel
    • Farshid: focus on this one
  • Issue 7204: Having an error breakpoint set while 'Break On Exceptions' is checked causes the script execution to stop twice
    • Honza: analyze this
  • Issue 7301: Debugger breaks on no more existing breakpoint
  • Issue 7340: Undefined context if closed tab is reopened
  • Issue 7336: Can't set a breakpoint since client thread is out of sync
    • We don't have STRs for those.


  • Sebastian: Translation and preference naming rules
    • short description for each translation (may be grouped)
    • use camel case with lower case initial
    • don't use underscores or hyphens
    • <key name> for global translations, <module>.<key name> for module specific translations

Firebug strategy & e10s

Strategy suggestions: See next week's meeting: