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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Joe Walker, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Simon Lindholm, Christoph Dorn


Florent: 6/6 to 6/10

Firebug Releases

  • We might want to have 1.12.9
    • Australis support

Firebug 1.12 blockers

  • Issue 6993: The start button icon looks weird in Australis Nightly build
    • We might want to fix this
    • Honza: post screenshot from windows

Firebug 2 Blockers

  • Issue 5440: Integrate EventBug into Firebug
    • Let's integrate
    • Florent and Sebastian: please comment fast ;-)
    • Honza: read through and comment too.
    • We want this!
    • Non-element events are an open issue. Where/how to display them? Sebastian: file a new issue for this.
  • Issue 5765: Integrate source maps for JavaScript
    • Farshid: what is the status?
  • Breakpoint doesn't hit in closures

Other Issues

  • Issue 6834: Move console grouping repeat number to front of output
    • Several people complained about that in the past - Sebastian
    • We want it for 2.0 only if it's easy to fix


  • Code styling: use [Fx<number>] pattern for comments involving Firefox versions
  • Code styling: use [BGZ<number>] pattern for comments involving Bugzilla numbers
  • Shortened links:<number>
  • Clearer definition for xxx comments
    • Represents a personal comment
    • Is rather temporary
    • Identifies a problem to solve
    • Put that points somewhere on the wiki
  • Always use version labels?
    • Yes, even for enhancements, so we have a reference what was the current Firebug version at that moment.
  • Getters/setters:
    • We think it's nicer to avoid them in most cases, it's more consistent with current coding style and makes things easier to understand.


  • Tests cause unresponsive script dialog/Firefox crashes
    • search/958/issue958.js
    • Sebastian: Create issue and report in Bugzilla

e10s Strategies

Round table discussion

Topics for the next meeting

  • Extension list to test with 2.0
  • e10s and the future
    • Make a progress with the documents