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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Joe Walker, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Simon Lindholm

Firebug Releases

  • Firebug 2 beta 7
    • Let's see how much we can do till Friday


  • Issue 7442: Wappalyzer extension breaks Firebug's Console logging
    • Everyone: help the platform people if you can
    • The problem should be fixed in 2.0
    • We should test Firefox beta
  • Issue 7022: Add a button for enabling Responsive Design View
    • Where should we put the button?
    • We agree that the main toolbar is too high visibility
    • Sebastian: Having it in the HTML or CSS is weird (not related)
    • Let's discuss again next time
  • Issue 1420: Add an option to hide an element
    • Sebastian's comment about options:
    • We want h for visibility:visible
    • We want H for display:none
    • We want to use a class
    • We want to display it to the user (+ it should be editable)
    • The context menu should probably display both actions (h and H)
  • Issue 5765: Integrate source maps for JavaScript
    • Farshid: What is the status?
  • Issue 6557: Font previews don't work
    • Florent: working on this, make progress this week

Firebug and Future Strategies

Suggested paths:

  • Firebug 2.1 with Simon's e10s workaround
  • Firebug 3.0 built on top of devtools
  • Joe: suggest list of features for Firebug 3 for the next meeting.