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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm, Joe Walker, Christoph Dorn, Steven Roussey

Firebug 2 Release

  • Firebug 2 final next Tuesday!
    • Honza: planning to blog for:,,,
    • AMO review (planning in advance with Jorge)
    • Honza: updated with new features (blocked by Bug 1019051)
    • All: make sure our wiki is up to date with Firebug 2
    • All: ping Honza if you want to make sure a new feature is mentioned in a blog post.
    • Simon: planning to do the wiki docs for the Events panel
    • Issue 7445: Check extensions for breakage in combination with Firebug 2.0
    • Honza: put list of contributors in etherpad
    • Honza: create "firebug2.0" branch
    • Florent: will have a blog ready next week Tuesday, we can blog there too.
  • Firebug 2.1 will probably follow soon
    • Issue 7155: Add a shortcut for toggling an element's display
    • Issue 6341: Addition of "display" property in Layout Side Panel
    • Issue 7044: Source lines in console should be shown even when Script panel is disabled

  • Honza continues leading the team
  • Honza: created a new repo:
    • installation steps would be great
    • Simon: I'm not 100% enthusiastic, but it's an okay decision
    • Christoph: already working on an extension (tty console,
    • Joe: we can use Mozilla infrastructure for testing (tests based on Jetpack)
  • Next steps:
    • All: prototyping Firebug 3, Firebug theme, SDK
  • Things to reimplement in Firebug 3, suggestions: