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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm, Joe Walker, Christoph Dorn, Steven Roussey, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Farshid Beheshti

Firebug 2 Release

  • Honza: create "firebug2.0" branch
  • Florent: will have a blog ready next week Tuesday, we can blog there too.
  • Firebug 2.1 will probably follow soon
    • Issue 7155: Add a shortcut for toggling an element's display
    • Issue 6341: Addition of "display" property in Layout Side Panel
    • Issue 7044: Source lines in console should be shown even when Script panel is disabled

  • Planning:
  • Repo:
  • Issue list: everyone agrees to use issue list
    • We should start with internals issue. Existing Firebug users should still use
    • Christoph: is able to pull issues from different lists and show/sort them at the same time. This would help a lot in case we need to maintain two lists for some time.
  • IRC: #jetpack channel
  • Next steps:
    • Everyone: should install run
    • Everyone: learn the current code base
    • Everyone: play with Add-ons SDK and DevTools SDK (devtools branch)
    • Everyone: learn test API
    • Honza: putting together a list of first tasks.
  • Discussions
    • Features for the London meeting demo
    • Focus of (should be clear in London)
  • Demo spec for London Meetup.
    • Florent: Command Editor
    • Florent: Event side panel
    • Simon: .% syntax for the command line
    • Simon: "Use in Command Line" (as part of devtools?)
    • See more:
    • Honza: Firebug Reps, so we can show objects with different representation and interaction
    • Florent: printing JS warnings in Firebug