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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Christoph Dorn, Steven Roussey, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil


  • Florent: 23 June => 05 July

Firebug 2 Release

  • Firebug 2.1
    • Honza do the release on Friday
  • Issue 7524: 2 displays, fullscreen flash window goes behind the browser window
    • Florent: working on this
  • Issue 7528: Work around incorrect behavior of eval with Script panel enabled
    • Patch from Simon available
    • Positive feedback on the patch
    • Honza: ping @syg
  • Issue 7530: Toolbars are huge in combination with "Theme Font & Size Changer"
    • Simon, patch available
  • Issue 7535: Properly implement custom shortcuts for Command Editor
    • Simon will take a look
  • Everyone: let Honza know if there is yet another issue that should be fixed in 2.1

  • Honza: create a new tips & tricks for debugging
  • Honza: kick off a thread, how to transform our wiki for
  • Honza: filing new issues
    • Use labels intuitively according to our experience from Firebug 2 and (we can always adapt to different scheme)

Demo for London work week, steps towards:

  1. Firebug theme for native developer tools (design + layout)
  2. Implementation of basic concepts (side panels, option menus, context menus, search, navigation, panel toolbar, etc.)
  3. Additional features?
  • Jakob: Support for 3rd party JS libs (customize the Console panel, customize the HTML panel or Events side panel), jQuery, Backbone
  • Simon: Dynamic analyses of JS comments
    The debugger would parse JSDoc comments and insert the equivalent of if (typeof x !== "number") debugger; at the beginning of functions.

If the x parameter is documented as being a number

  • Florent + others: Command Editor (we could use Scratchpad)
  • "Use in Command Line"
  • Events panel customization: show wrapped event listeners (formerly derived)

Some platform analyses & links: