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Jan Odvarko, Joe Walker, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Simon Lindholm, Christoph Dorn


  • Florent: 23 June => 05 July
  • Sebastian: till 1st of July


  • Versioning strategy
    • Use <major>.<minor> scheme (just like Firefox)
    • Incrementing major number means no back comp
    • Incrementing minor number means back comp
    • Ideally increase major number every 6 weeks (dot releases would be those done in between the 6 weeks cycle)
    • Using the same version number as Firefox makes more sense
  • Firebug repo
    • Do not branch Firebug 2.0, continue fixes for 2 on the master
    • Firebug 3 related stuff goes to
    • Later we'll merge 3 into the master (let's see how)
  • Firebug 2 issues
    • Performance issue, but no test case
  • Eval issue
    • Issue 7521: Firebug 2.0 nested eval bug
    • Issue 7527: Firebug no longer showing dynamically loaded scripts
    • Honza: take a look at Simon's suggestion

  • What about wiki for Firebug 3, where to put new pages.
    • New installation? But it's more maintenance work (update, plugins, etc.)
    • All: any opinions/suggestions?

Demo for London work week, steps towards:

  1. Firebug theme for native developer tools (design + layout)
  2. Implementation of basic concepts (side panels, option menus, context menus, search, navigation, panel toolbar, etc.)
  3. Additional features?
  4. All: put suggestions into:

  • Christoph, issue list progress
    • It should be possible to join: github, and bugzilla issue trackers
    • A link will follow