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Jan Odvarko, Joe Walker, Florent Fayolle, Sebastian Zartner, Farshid Beheshti, Steven Roussey, Simon Lindholm

Firebug 2

  • Issue 7560 (Improve performance of switching between JavaScript sources)
    • Probably related to syntax highlighting; many complaints => high priority
    • Introduce a new option in the Firebug menu "Turn off Color Highlighting"
    • Switch off syntax color everywhere (Script panel, Edit Mode of CSS and HTML panel, Command Editor)
    • Create a test case with a huge JS file to see the performance problem
    • But first: we should try appending the stylesheet asynchronously
    • Farshid: take a look at that
    • Farshid: ask :bgrins in #devtools IRC (Brian Grinstead, CM guru)
    • (Honza can introduce you if you want :)
  • Issue 7301 (Debugger breaks on no more existing breakpoint)
    • Honza: take a look
    • There is no test case
  • Issue 7512 (Hitting a breakpoint causes minimized Firefox browser windows to maximize)
  • Needs more investigation of Windows devs
  • Issue 7515 (Breakpoint doesn't get hit on frames)
  • Issue 7586 (Breakpoint doesn't get hit reloading
    • Sebastian: provide a test case
    • Honza: provide a patch

Firebug 3

  • Theming
    • Let focus on one "Firebug" theme and do it right
    • We can safe a reasonable amount of time by not maintaining three different themes.
    • But, it may be a competitive advantage for Firebug to have different themes.
  • Use chrome.manifest file
    • For skin dirs
    • For locale dirs
    • Honza: take a look
  • Default arg values
    • Yes, please!
  • Localization API (Farshid)
    • No blocker apart from accessing the locale dir
  • Let's use a "theme" label for all new issues related to theming stuff
  • Issue 17: Simplify error tracing API
    • Options for short API:
    • TraceError.sysout()
    • TraceError.syserr()
    • TraceError.log()
    • Florent: make a decision
  • Issue 5: Github Issues need discussion because of some difference with one used for Firebug 2
    • All: everyone should read and comment

Demo for London work week (milestone "london" - we want this milestone in the issue list), focus on (can we have meta bugs?):

  1. Firebug theme
  2. Support for jQuery
  3. Server side logging