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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil


  • Honza: 23-24th of July till 10th of August
  • Joe: on vacations this week

Firebug 2

  • Firebug 2.0.2 still waiting for review
    • Honza: working on this.
  • Issue 7560 (Improve performance of switching between JavaScript sources)
    • Farshid, status?
    • Honza: ping Farshid in the issue report
  • Issue 7301 (Debugger breaks on no more existing breakpoint)
    • Honza: there seems to be another problem with displaying a (function) script
    • Honza: should take a look.

Firebug 3

  • Florent: Implement and Trace.toError() #1
    • Let's use TraceError.syserr()
    • TraceError.sysout() works like now and TraceError.syserr() expects just the exception object and generates the entire message.
    • Honza: file a new issue.
  • Farshid: Implement localization API #12
    • DONE
  • Jakob: Toolbox options button is not visible #3
    • DONE
  • Djalil: New Firebug theme option in Toolbox options theme #2
    • We merge to the master and close.
    • Request for new API: Bug 1038562 - New API: Implementation of a new theme
  • Djalil: Properly style inspector icon #9
    • Honza: review the patch
  • Honza: Loosing theme after multiple open/close devtools #33
    • Take a look at this.
  • Thomas: Inspector panel toolbar doesn't support Firebug theme #22
    • pushed in the master already.

Required platform API:

First Milestone:

  1. Firebug theme
  2. Support for jQuery
  3. Server side logging