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Sebastian Zartner (with connection issues), Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Christoph Dorn


  • Honza: 23th of July till 10th of August
  • Simon: 29th of July till 10th of August

Firebug 2

  • Issue 7560 (Improve performance of switching between JavaScript sources)
    • Marijn Haverbeke (the author of CodeMirror) suggested to use the loadmode.js module
    • Farshid: investigate and fix this
    • Sebastian: help Farshid
  • Issue 7596: Command line is broken on Nightly
    • Simon: problem not reproducible on fresh profile
    • No other person complained so far => low priority
  • Issue 7597: console API is broken on Nightly
    • Merge Simon's patch (doesn't fix everything)
    • Some FBTests are still broken
    • Simon: Create follow-up(s) for missing parts
  • Issue 7301: Debugger breaks on no more existing breakpoint
    • a new problem with one liner script?
    • Honza: Create new issue for that

Firebug 3

First Milestone:

  1. Firebug theme
  2. Support for jQuery
  3. Server side logging
  • Florent: Enhance Options tab in the Tracing Console #42
    • No updates so far
  • Jakob: Toolbox options button is not visible #3
    • FIXED
  • Jakob: Selected element in the Inspector panel isn't visible #37
    • Will start working on that one
  • Thomas: theming of the Console and Inspector panel
    • Status of this?
  • Djalil: New Firebug theme option in Toolbox options theme #2
    • FIXED
  • Honza: Integrate with gDevTools.registerTheme (bug 1038562) #39
    • Patch in progress
  • Sebastian: Pick a theming issue, create new issues
  • Honza: report a new issue for tracing console, prettify stack frame URLs

Required platform API:

  • Christoph: Updated
  • Everybody: Try it out! Report issues to Christoph