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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Belakhdar Abdeldjalil

Firebug 2

  • Honza: Release Firebug 2.0.3 ASAP
  • Issue 7615: Event handler script replaces inline script source
  • Issue 7598: Disabled breakpoints in evaled scripts are not really disabled
    • Florent: Fixed
  • Issue 7621: Script panel causes 'Unresponsive script' dialog for trace.js:55
    • Florent: Do more analyses
  • Issue 7597: Console API is broken on Nightly
    • Simon: Fixed
  • Issue 7560: Improve performance of switching between JavaScript sources
    • Farshid: Fixed
    • Honza: check this out
  • Issue 7620: Command Line grabs focus when anchor link is clicked
    • Honza: take a look

Firebug 3

First Milestone:

  1. Firebug theme
  2. Support for jQuery
  3. Server side logging
  • Issue 42: Enhance Options tab in the Tracing Console
    • Florent: Doing progress
  • Issue2: Prettifying stack frame URLs
    • Anyone is interested?
  • Issue 23: Server side logging
    • What protocol should we use?
  • Issue 37: Selected element in the Inspector panel isn't visible
    • Sebastian: has a patch
    • Jakob: what is the status? Should we use the patch?
  • Issue 44 Properly style Command Line
    • Sebastian: fixed
  • Thomas: theming of the Console and Inspector panel
    • Honza: ping Thomas
  • Honza: pick a new bug for Djalil
  • Issue 48 Create a script to launch Firefox + Firebug
    • Honza: make a comment
    • Honza: copy my scripts in the report
  • Sebastian: Test theme switching
    • Focus on Console and Inspector panel, we need those for the new features (jQuery & server side logging features)
    • As soon as Console and Inspector panels are good enough let's move to the other panels (the Network panel is the other candidate).
  • Prepare summary of Firebug gaps (in Etherpad)
    • Honza: kick off a thread on FWG
  • Should every gap between Firebug and the DevTools be implemented?
    • Florent: We should ask for them at Uservoice.
    • Honza: ask Joe