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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Florent Fayolle, Christoph Dorn, Farshid Beheshti, Simon Lindholm

Firebug 2

  • Release Firebug 2.0.3 DONE
  • FIXED Issue 7620: Command Line grabs focus when anchor link is clicked
  • WIP Issue 7621: Script panel causes 'Unresponsive script' dialog for trace.js:55
    • Sebastian: review Florent's patch
  • Issue 7636: eval script debugging is inconsistent
    • Related platform bug
    • Honza: check this out
    • A workaround would be great

Firebug 3


  1. Firebug theme
  2. Support for client side library
  3. Server side logging
  • Issue 39 Integrate with gDevTools.registerTheme (bug 1038562)
    • Honza: Will land soon in Nightly
    • issue39 will be merged into the Master as soon as the platform API is in Nightly
  • Issue 42: Enhance Options tab in the Tracing Console
    • Florent: The only thing missing is the tri-state support
  • Issue2: Prettifying stack frame URLs
    • Farshid assigned to this
    • Ask Honza if you need any help!
  • Issue 23: Server side logging
    • What protocol should we use?
    • We should have a working prototype in a few weeks.
  • Issue 37: Selected element in the Inspector panel isn't visible
    • Sebastian: has a patch
    • Jakob: what is the status? Should we use the patch?
  • Thomas: theming of the Console and Inspector panel
    • Honza: ping Thomas (as soon as issue39 is fixed)
  • Sebastian: Continue testing theme switching
    • Use $depends <issue url> (issue #39) in new bug reports
  • Properly style Completion List Popup #47
    • Sebastian working on this
  • Honza: cc Sebastian on every "New API" kind of bugzilla report automatically