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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm, Florent Fayolle, Farshid Beheshti, Christoph Dorn

Firebug 2

  • Additional logic: Firebug 2 installed in DevBrowser edition
    • If Firebug 2 is installed, there should be a notification displayed to the user informing that there is Firebug 3 available.
    • There can be a popup when the Firebug UI is opened for the first time
    • There can be a popup when Firebug is installed
    • There could be a message in the Console panel
    • We can also use first-run experience API (but perhaps Firebug 3 could utilize it more)
  • Additional logic: Firebug 2 installed in e10s enabled browser
    • If Firebug 2 is installed in e10s enabled browser, two options should be offered: download Firebug 3 or switch off e10s
    • Let's do this later and use the same channel as for the DevBrowser edition
  • Issue 7654: Don't use LoadContextInfo.default for opening HTTP cache entries
    • Honza: still waiting for response from Jan Bambas

Firebug 3


  1. Firebug theme (top priority now)

Round table:

  • Honza: DONE Issue 2: Prettifying stack frame URLs
  • Testing on Mac
    • Honza: ping Thomas, borrow a mac
  • Unit testing
    • Use built-in APIs and start writing tests


  • Florent: finish server side logging enhancements (ready for alpha)
    • Florent: check if the HTTP-* event is properly unregistered (also together with the actor)
  • Honza: Platform support + Prettifying stack frame URLs #2 (tracing-console)
  • Simon: Dom panel issues
  • Farshid: Issue 129: Properly style Box Model side panel
  • Farshid: Issue 46: Properly style Rules side panel
    • Should box colors be changed? Both would have to be changed highlighter + box side panel colors.
    • Sebastian: please file a bug
  • Aakash: Issue 122: Style the buttons in the panel contents
  • Sebastian: Issue 128: Properly style Fonts side panel
    • Honza: provide some feedback if possible