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Jan Odvarko, Farshid Beheshti, Florent Fayolle, Sebastian Zartner, Steven Roussey

Firebug 2

Firebug 3

  • release-notes ready (including link to fixed issues)
    • Christoph FIXED: Query github for issues fixed in specific release #203
  • We should start thinking about how to support existing Firebug extension developers and make the transition into Firebug 3 + e10s world easier.
    • Honza: blogging about extension APIs
  • New release process
    • Honza: create a new wiki page on
  • Priorities
    • Progress on the theme
    • Unit testing

Task List

  • Florent: Forward tracing logs into the browser console.
  • Honza: Unit tests (API) + blogging + Bug 1057346
  • Aakash:
  • Farshid: ?
  • Sebastian: FIXED: media rules, working on fonts collapsing, source list collapsing
  • Djalil: Move option to see all fonts used by a page to Fonts side panel options menu #188
  • Kartik: PROGRESS Properly style console.table() output #136
    • Honza: review
  • Simon: ?