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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle

Firebug 2

  • Issue 7693: Script panel claims 'No Javascript on this page' after closing and reopening Firebug
  • We need to notify users with e10s off after some time saying to switch it back on + upgrade to Firebug 3.
    • What should be the logic?
    • Florent's patch for Issue 7721
  • Issue 7724: Firebug Breakpoint exception in current FF Nightly
    • Honza: take a look again in Nightly

Firebug 3

  • Next milestone: beta, alpha 6 released
  • Honza: release Firebug 3 alpha 7 this week

Top Ten Firebug 2 Extension List!topic/firebug-working-group/0ooiGu2J9EE

  • FirePHP
  • FireQuery
  • NetExport
  • YSlow + PageSpeed
  • Illuminations for Developers for Firebug
  • PixelPerfect
  • FlashFirebug
  • CodeBurner
  • FireFinder
  • CSSUsage

Next steps:

  • Honza: Several devtools extension examples showing how to use new API already available (
    • There is also HelloReact showing how to use web libs to build an extension.
  • Honza: analyze necessary platform API
  • Honza: FBTrace support for child processes
  • Honza: blogging about "Extending DevTools"
  • Honza: continue with NetExport porting to
  • Telemetry
    • Honza: find a way how to access online data