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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle


Firebug 2

  • Firebug 2.0.8 released

Firebug 3

  • Honza: release Firebug 3 alpha 8 this week
  • Honza: XHR logging landed in alpha 8
    • If XHR logging is based on ReactJS it could land as a platform feature
  • Developing with no JPM (bootstrap.js + install.rdf needed)
    • Honza: make notes on wiki
    • But we need bootstrap.js and install.rdf (should it be part of repo?)
    • Ask on the simplify devtools development meeting
  • We need to customize Markup View (the same way as events icon does)
  • We need to have API for registering new commands
  • Translation
    • Where are translations hosted? #321
    • Goofy doesn't recommend without a test round
    • So, let's do a test round

Task List

  • Florent: Import head.js files from the DevTools (#324)
  • Honza: Platform API, actors, Net Export
  • Alistair: #302 Firebug Options (put into the Options panel),
  • Anurag, analyses #257, Fixed: #249
  • Adam Sugar: simplify error tracing (#17)

1Q 2015 focus on following extensions

  • FirePHP: Christoph Dorn interested
  • FireQuery: Alistair interested
  • NetExport: Honza
  • PixelPerfect: Honza