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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Alistair Laing, Christoph Dorn


Firebug 2

  • Firebug 2.0.8 the latest stable
  • There are some breakpoints issues waiting to be fixed
  • Issue 7760: Breakpoint isn't set on server side when script has disabled breakpoints
    • Honza: take a look
  • Issue 7767: The script panel with ExtJS makes Firefox freeze
    • Florent: looking into it.
    • Issue 7756 might be related

Firebug 3

  • Honza: Firebug 3 alpha 10 planned
  • Move RDP Inspector out and create an extension
  • Revive the idea of swarms and test extensions automatically

Pixel Perfect 2

Firebug SDK

Started work on Firebug SDK. Will be shared by all FWG extensions



  • Alistair: file issues about requested features
  • Markup View customization
    • Bug 1036949 - New API: MarkupView customization
    • Honza: do analyses


Test API

Task List

  • Florent: blockers + command line API
  • Honza: PixelPerfect, FireQuery, DevTools Extension Tutorial
  • Alistair: FireQuery
  • Adam Sugar: simplify error tracing (#17)
  • Farshid: interested to contribute!

1Q 2015 focus on following extensions

  • FirePHP: Christoph Dorn, work in progress
  • FireQuery: Honza, Alistair
  • NetExport: Honza
  • PixelPerfect: Honza