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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Luca Greco, Christoph Dorn


Firebug 2

Academic Project

  • Related to Firefox developer tools and Firebug

From Elias Allayiotis: Project Overview This is part of an academic research project by the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. The purpose of the project is to identify the Experience levels (usability / acceptability) of mobile device users while browsing the internet on their android mobile device.

In order to capture experience metrics from the android device we want to build a firefox extension which will be running on firefox for android. The extension would use firefox developer tools to capture and store in log files anonymous http activity on all open tabs as well as monitor tab activity (open/close/focused). Apart from the usual network metrics (such as the firebug metrics), the app will also capture performance metrics such as: gpu metrics, web page rendering time, etc. The log files will be relayed back onto cloud storage.

This is the second phase of a three year project. An overview of our final system architecture has been published in IEEE and can be found here

We are currently looking for contributors to help us build this extension or parts of it. Contributors can contribute parts of the code or have online meetings with us providing support/guidance during development.

Contributors get: - Full attribution on the project's website which will go live this month ( - Inclusion as contributor to all academic publications (journals / conferences) - Inclusion as external partners on all EU funding bits which will be generated from this project. All funding schemes are backed-up by the university. - Option to collaborate with our research team and propose innovative projects/ideas for EU or local funding. Basically use the university's expertise and reputation in getting funded for the projects you want to pursue.

Honza: let me know if you are interested and I'll get you in touch with Elias.

RDP Inspector

  • Luca: Patch: test unit React Components using karma and jasmine (#35)
    • Specifically done for non-privileged code (the React-based app running in a content iframe)
    • It runs on travis-ci side-by-side with the jpm test suite (which tests the privileged code)
    • Honza: review
    • Honza: put some doc links into RDP Inspector repo home page
    • Testing optionally include code coverage

Firebug 3

    • Honza: start merging to m-c, first HAR export

JSON Viewer

Command Line Commands

  • Florent: Implement dir and dirxml command #244
  • Florent: working on monitor and debug commands


Task List

  • Florent: Command line API
  • Honza: JSON Viewer, landing into m-c
  • Luca: RDP Inspector, FireAngular
  • Alistair: FireQuery, Wiki
  • Christoph: Tooling example