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Jan Odvarko, Florent Fayolle, Luca Greco, Alistair Laing


Firebug Meeting

  • There is another meeting on Wednesdays (the same time) called Extending Devtools, perhaps we could merge the Firebug meeting with it.
  • What day is the best? Tuesday or Wednesday?
  • Alistair can only make it on Tuesday
  • We should use Vidyo for the meeting in any case
  • Let's continue to have Firebug meetings on Tuesday for some time to make sure everyone knows about this

Firebug 2

  • Exporting Google Code issue list

Academic Project

  • Related to Firefox developer tools and Firebug
  • Honza: let me know if you are interested and I'll get you in touch with Elias.

RDP Inspector

  • New version on AMO
    • New features: auto completion, actors panel, load/save packet list, unit tests

Firebug 3

Command Line Commands

  • Florent: Implement dir and dirxml command #244
  • Florent: working on monitor and debug commands

Task List

  • Florent: Command line API
  • Honza: HAR export
  • Luca: RDP Inspector
  • Alistair: Wiki
  • Christoph: Tooling example