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పై పేజీకి

విండోస్ Windows xp Installation

English and Telugu Menus

  • Download Telugu build and then install en-GB language pack

Telugu menus

Download Telugu build and install it.

A screenshot is given below. Note that Telugu word for Firefox has been updated to render properly from 3.0.3 version unlike what is shown in the below graphic


firefox 2.0.12

Install Firefox from Firefox site Open Telugu language Pack Default telugu font for menu and content appears too small. It is also half the size of corresponding English

To change, Right click on Desktop, Select Properties Goto Appearance tab, select advanced In that select item "menu" Below select font size as 20 Select item "message box" Below select font size as 20 Select apply

Start Firefox. The screenshot of firefox on windows is given below.Firefox winxp xl 20.png

The default font selection makes telugu menus not readable. A screen shot is given below. Media: Firefox_winxp_default.png

Note: If you are already using Telugu interface pack for WindowsXP, you will see improved match between telugu font sizes and english font sizes. For a screen shot see Media: Firefox_winxp_telugu_lpi.png Bold text