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[SHIPPED] November 3rd 2015 Campaign - Firefox 42.0

Product Features

We are currently Pre-Beta Testing Private Browsing with Tracking Protection for Firefox 42.0 Desktop and Firefox 42.0 Aurora. You can read more about the release, here:

Release Notes for Firefox 42.0 can be found, here:

Schedule + Milestones

Product Walkthrough

Air Mozilla video is available for Mozillians with NDAs or community marketing contractors.

Call to Action

  • Use Private Browsing in 41.0 Beta and complete the Heartbeat Survey (the survey is random, so please fill it out if it is offered for you to help out!)
  • Help us test Private Browsing in 42.0 Aurora
  • Help us test the Doorhanger Popup which pops up when you click on the top left UI element right left to the URL in your awesome bar where the URL is
  • Help us test RTL (right-to-left) which got some fixes (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu)


What does RASCI Stand For?

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