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This is a draft, not an actual feature plan. Please do not edit without checking with beltzner first.
Description Area Type Category Source + Comment
opening multiple tabs can cause multiple prompts for same password (bug 348997)
improve awesomebar performance Places improve performance sdw 5 async queries (bug 455555), transaction manager improvements, db schema revision
fsync reduction Places improve performance sdw 2
storage API Storage improve extensibility sdw 2 link to offline application data store?
add-on install/uninstall/disable without restart Add-Ons improve functionality mossop 5
lightweight theme support Add-Ons new functionality mossop 3 a half-way house between personas and full themes, allows anything to be customised but doesn't mean recreating an entire theme
inline PDF support for OSX Browser new functionality sdw 5
HTML 5 parser Platform new functionality mossop 1
system tray support Platform new functionality mossop 1
image manipulation through CSS transforms (desaturate, identify colour) Platform new functionality mossop 2
interruptible reflow Platform new performance ctalbert 1
offline application storage Storage new functionality ctalbert 5
CSS 3 multi backgrounds Platform new functionality ctalbert already there
tie video to codecs installed on system Platform improve functionality ctalbert 2
compositor Platform new functionality ctalbert 5
XUL tree modifications to make them more testable XUL improve functionality ctalbert
plugin process separation Platform new security QA 1
print preview page Printing improve experience QA
CSS transtions Platform new functionality QA 1
SMIL Platform new functionality QA 1
SVG images in CSS Platform new functionality QA 1
make tabbbar a XUL toolbar Browser improve functionality QA 3
Ubiquity uplift Browser new functionality jboriss 7
sidebar & library navigation Places improve experience jboriss 1
new tab experience Browser new functionality jboriss 8
tab switching / navigation / find Browser improve experience jboriss 6 keyboard and mouse based, think about grouping, stacking, etc
awesomebar to search through / display open tabs Browser new functionality jboriss 3
awesomebar to give preference to domain home level Browser improve experience jboriss
better indication of private browsing mode Browser improve experience jboriss 1
Prism uplift Browser new functionality jboriss 4
add visual affordances) Browser improve experience jboriss 2
website login (shortcut button) Browser improve experience jboriss
default browser appearance Browser improve experience jboriss
OGG viewing/listening Browser improve experience jboriss
stronger visual indication for find in page Browser improve experience jboriss 2
Weave uplift Places new functionality dascher 3
web application support (UI affordances, webOS) Browser new experience dascher
extensions 2.0 using greasemonkey & html Browser new extensibility dascher 2
less intrusive software update for security updates Update improve experience dascher 1
profile import/export Browser new functionality dascher 1
identity management Browser new functionality dascher 3
remove on-open and on-close dialog boxes Browser improve experience faaborg confirmations on quit seem reasonable
apple style scrolling on windows Browser improve experience faaborg
web page thumbnails Places new functionality faaborg 2
browse to folder / tag / search results Places new functionality faaborg 1
icon sets for add-ons to use Add-Ons new extensibility faaborg
aero glas on Vista Theme new functionality faaborg
content handling UI (implement Firefox 3 designs) Browser improve experience faaborg 1
indication / feedback during page load Browser improve experience faaborg 1
remove back/forward dropdown (OSX only?) Browser improve experience faaborg 1
remove status bar Browser improve experience faaborg 1
always have “Add Search” as an option, remove opensearch indicator Search improve experience faaborg
theme refactoring (see Firefox Summit notes) Theme improve extensibility faaborg
OS theme detection / colour extraction Platform new functionality faaborg
widget animations Browser improve experience faaborg 1 needs clarification
startup time Browser improve performance lilly 4
about:me analytics package for browsing habits Browser new functionality dria 3
pin/lock tab (faviconize tab) Browser new functionality dria 1
one-click RSS subscription Browser improve experience dria
create smart folder for tag through drag and drop Places new functionality dria
better Library search Places improve functionality dria 1
Read It Later style bookmarking Places improve functionality dria 1
send-to-phone Browser new functionality dria
one-click add to bookmarks from Library Places improve functionality dria
add-tag to entry in Library without having to use inspector Places improve functionality dria
multiple select & edit in Library Places improve functionality dria 2
full text indexing and seach across history Places new functionality dria
All Bookmarks should show all bookmarks Places improve experience dria
manage files through download manger Download new functionality jono 1
work offline mode needs to be a little less automatic Network improve experience jono
wifi login shouldn’t ruin my session restore Network improve experience beltzner 2
block pop unders Browser improve experience jono 2
layout animation/transition through SMIL or CSS Platform new functionality sicking 1
keychain integration Mac new functionality beltzner 1
RSS preview rewrite Browser improve functionality gavin 1 security reasons (see bug 474698)
content-disposition bugs for file handling Platform improve functionality gavin see bug 453455 comment 23
new customizable and configurable start page Browser new functionality margaret 5
easier to see where add-ons can extend the browser Browser improve experience margaret
geolocation UI support Browser new functionality margaret
improve closing all tabs dialogs Browser improve experience shappy
new tabs open immediately to right Browser improve experience shappy
private browsing by window/tab Browser improve functionality shappy
client certificate UI Browser improve experience johnath
extend site identity button w/site specific functionality, doorhanger notifications Browser improve functionality johnath 1
KCM Security new functionality johnath
START-TLS over HTTP Security new functionality johnath encryption without certificates
TLS-SRP Security new functionality johnath
SRP for password authentication Security new functionality johnath
Windows theme improvements Theme improve experience faaborg
view-source improvements Browser improve functionality cbartley 1
profile manager improvements Browser improve functionality cbartley 1
layout code architecture speed improvements Platform improve performance roc
rewrite the application updater to not be a wizard Update improve functionality rs 1 bug 476501
rewrite add-ons UI per Madhava’s old mockups Add-Ons improve experience rs 2
simplify the windows installer Installer improve experience rs
rewrite application update notifications Update improve functionality rs 1
improve chrome and other tests for Places Places improve functionality ddahl
make PFS actually do something useful Browser improve functionality tchung 1
canvas font baseline support Platform improve functionality tchung see bug 438702
improve blocklisting experience (what to do, where to go?) Security improve experience ryan 1
tBeachball Browser new performance dolske 1
elegant Places Query API Places new functionality ddahl 2 A js module a la django models/active record
JS accessible HTML parser Platform new functionality mossop 2 A means for JS to be able to parse a stream/string of HTML into a DOM document
Query system improvements Places new functionality dietrich 1 support queries on tags, support query set awesomebar uses, support querying on transition type, implement RESULTS_AS_FULL_VISIT
move non-native bookmark entities out of the bookmark table Places improve functionality dietrich
MPTT for moz_bookmarks Places new functionality
Save as PDF Browser new functionality mak
Add-Ons hooks in Library Places new extensibility mak
Simpler history expiration Places improve functionality mak async expiration and hard cut
XUL tree improvements XUL improve functionality mak 1
Timeline visual display in Library Places new functionality Unfocused second pass
frecency for form fill Browser improve functionality mconnor second pass
Smarter, staggered loading of pages during Session Restore Browser improve performance mconnor second pass
As soon as we move the browser element to a new page load, clear the old page Browser improve experience beltzner annoyance
Don't show the focus ring when a user clicks with the mouse Browser improve experience beltzner annoyance
Way to show all keyboard shortcuts Browser improve experience rs annoyance
Add Undo Close Tab to Undo Stack Browser improve experience beltzner annoyance
Save pages for offline and track/manage pages Browser new functionality faaborg annoyance, NS4 Web Wallet
Applescript support Platform new functionality zpao annoyance
Properties window Browser improve/remove functionality dolske this code is nearly useless and invisible - it should either be better, or not be.