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Status for July 16, 2015

Overall Project Health - YELLOW

  • Add-On Signing client side is ready but turning it on in Fx41 requires key unlisted add-ons get submitted and reviewed.
  • Add-On Validator team now has progress on a roadmap and Engineering resources.

Timeline & Scope

  • Add-On Signing is slated to go live in 41 and to be fully enforced in 42.
  • Validator improvements are ongoing and a full roadmap is in development

Exec Summary

  • Signing client work and AMO side work is done, but the validator still rejects 4/5 addons, validator improvements are ongoing with two new FTE working on it this week.
  • Full Add-On ecosystem strategy has been developed but is not resourced and therefore is on hold.


  • Review Queue - we have insufficient resources for the review queue which is very long and growing. We recently hired one new FTE, but also have had to move one reviewer over to working on the validator improvements. We do have budget for a part time contract reviewer, and that search is WIP. Until we can make the queue tenable, we hesitate to actively recruit unlisted add-on developers to submit their addons.
  • Validator - the validator has several issues slowing down the queue - it is not providing very useful results to developers, and it is rejecting 4/5 addons. We have a roadmap for it in development, 3 developers assigned to improvements now and have just established weekly status/triage sessions for it.
  • User impact of unsigned addons - we could decide the user facing impact of unsigned unlisted addons is too great to do full enforcement in 42 (Fall marketing release).

Accomplished for Week (and a few prior, this being the first status report)

  • Two new FTE (mark and mat) working on validator, first draft of roadmap for validator, and new weekly meeting for validator team.
  • Addon client code all in Firefox and working well with AMO side.

Planned for Upcoming Week

  • test validation of key unlisted add-ons
  • cross coordination of signing and e10s related addon issues
  • progress on getting more reviewers onto the queue

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