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Status for July 30, 2015

Overall Project Health - YELLOW

  • Add-On Signing client side is ready but turning it on in Fx41 requires key unlisted add-ons get submitted and reviewed.
  • Add-On Validator team now has progress on a roadmap and Engineering resources.
  • Turning on signing validation in 41 depends upon getting the validator improvements done and we prefer it be done before 41 moves to Beta

Timeline & Scope

  • Add-On Signing is slated to go live in 41 and to be fully enforced in 42.
  • Validator improvements are ongoing and a full roadmap is in development

Exec Summary

  • Signing client work and AMO side work is done, but the validator still rejects 4/5 addons, validator improvements are ongoing with two new FTE working on it and progress being closely tracked.
  • Full Add-On ecosystem strategy has been developed but is not resourced and therefore is on hold.


Accomplished for Week

  • Validator improvements are all done or nearly done to be live in the coming week
    • live now: changes to how validation results are displayed
    • finished this week/landing next week: editors flag warnings and can ignore
  • Need: more than magopian reviewing pull requests
  • Plan to establish criteria for turning signing on in 41 by Friday based on results of validator analysis

Planned for Upcoming Week

  • test validation of key unlisted add-ons
  • how we display errors in the validator (i.e. when there's an internal error/timeout in the validator itself)
  • if internal error, devs can bypass and still submit and request admin review
  • cross coordination of signing and e10s related addon issues
  • progress on getting more reviewers onto the queue

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