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Status for September 21, 2015 [DRAFT - in progress]

Overall Project Health - GREEN

  • Per discussion in the last couple weeks, there's concern around what the impact to end-users will be once add-on signing is required by Firefox. Consensus is that we're not quite ready to enforce it, and we're going to continue developer outreach and burning down the existing review queues to ensure we have as many addons as possible updated and signed.
  • The review team has been doing fantastic work keeping the unlisted queue moving, and we don't want to take our foot off the gas in reducing all the queues. We do need to have a better picture of what the release channel profiles looks like, and we're working with the metrics team to get a regular picture of what addons remain unsigned, and what the likely impact to users will be.
  • We're also looking at how we can deliver a developer mode without compromising the goals of signing, as well as whether we can improve the user experience when addons are disabled to help users who lose functionality with unsigned addons. I'd like feedback on whether/when we announce an intent to provide a developer mode, which would be in 44 at the earliest..

Exec Summary

  • Overall add ons strategy documentation in progress - team met last week in Toronto
  • Development team now in place led by Andy McKay, Dev Relatoons and Community team also now reports to Nick Nguyen
  • Add-On Signing: is now live in 41 beta, but progress to release is now pushed to 43.
  • e10s: e10s will ship in 42 Aurora. Add-on compatibility testing efforts continue to be maintained at [1] Earliest e10s will ship in release is 43.
  • WebExtensions: Extension API landed on Nightly. the WebExtensions Wiki has details.
  • AMO further roadmap development is moving forward
  • Full details on each work iteration (three iterations per Firefox release) can be found on our new canonical Add-ons wiki
  • Add-Ons for FxOS are progressing, Status can be found at Internal FxOS Addons Status Page


Addon Signing Unlisted add-ons considered critical are being reviewed as soon as they are submitted (unlisted queue is under control) but many unlisted add-on developers have not (or are presumed to have not) yet submitted for review. We are at 43% of "need to have" add-ons signed as per but only 5% of "nice to have". || Lisa Brewster/Add-ons Review Team ||reaching out to unlisted add-on devs to ensure they submit for review, focusing resources on unlisted add-on reviews, longer term we are changing how we review. AMO Review Queue - we have insufficient resources for the listed review queue which is very long and growing. We recently hired one new FTE, but also moved one reviewer over to wengineering development. We do have budget for two contract reviewers, but hiring has been a challenge. Review queue challenges illustrated here: and AMO Validator - the validator has several issues slowing down the queue - it is not providing very useful results to developers, and it is rejecting 4/5 addons. || Validator team, Kev, Larissa || We have plans in development, 2 Engineers assigned to improvements, and the first phase of these is nearly complete.
Initiative Risks/Issues Owner Mitigation/Approach
Lisa/Addon Review team Additional contract reviewers being hired now for short term mitigation, but contracts are taking longer than hoped. Also longer term changes to how we review are planned, SLA being established, etc.

Accomplished for last three Weeks

  • team reorganization mostly complete - engineering team, now led by Andy McKay, and Dev/Community team, led by Lisa Brwester, now moved to firefox org and dedicating full resources to add-ons.
  • leadership team met in Toronto last week and worked on planning the future of Add-ons. the new wiki will be the place to find plans as they evolve. Iteration 44.3 is already detailed and listed out.
  • process for streamlined review signing of internal mozilla addons (experiments, system addons, lightning, etc) tlive
  • Future of Developing Add-Ons Blog Live!
  • Add-on signing shipped in 41 beta, driving considerable growth in unlisted addons submitted for review (See attached chart)and will not ride trains to release until 43 based on feedback, need for additional development and time needed for developers to get add-ons signed.
  • Social media feedback moderate, neither positive nor negative (see attached graph)
  • WebExtensions shipped in nightly
  • Slow Add-On Watcher is in early development
  • Phase one validator improvements are all done or nearly done to be live in the coming week (see:
  • Benchmarks for validator improvements are in progress
  • Add-on reviewer new contract hire selected, contract in progress.
  • Many unlisted addons reviewed - Andreas averaging *30 or more per day*!

Planned for Upcoming Week

  • dev team working on Iteration 44.3
  • program management continues to develop the wiki and reporting and assoicated documents including n up to date schedule showing the relationhships of different add-ons work streams

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