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Status for December 24th, 2015

Overall Project Health - YELLOW

Exec Summary

  • Overall add-ons strategy development is going well. We are working through timing and trade-offs, aligning across the teams (including UX).
    • We have a preliminary Roadmap that we are working from and will keep improving as we fully integrate our priorities / new hires.
  • Signing went out the week of Dec 15th (with pref to turn off).
    • No un-fixable bugs (patched already) - but more excitement than the ideal. We are looking into how it could have been smoother and adjusting accordingly. **evaluating user sentiment data from several sources: ex: twitter, SUMO, social media.
    • Currently targeting Signing with no pref to turn off in Firefox 47.
    • Bug 1209341 - Allow loading unsigned restartless add-ons at runtime was fixed and landed in Firefox 45 to help Developers test their add-ons without getting them Signed.
  • Review-Queues: Looking at the "quick wins" to improve the queues, along with the on-going dedicated focus in this area. Working on a dashboard for better visibility into what's happening, to see when adjustments have a positive or negative impact. We need more detailed info than just "average review time", for example - it's interesting looking at a snapshot (time range: Nov 18, 2015 - Nov 25, 2015) of how long it takes to review the Average compared to the "50%":
    • Listed-nominated:
      • Average waiting time: 35 days
      • 50% of all waiting add-ons reviewed in less than 12 days
    • Listed-pending:
      • Average waiting time: 9 days
      • 50% of all waiting add-ons reviewed in less than 1 day
    • Listed-preliminary:
      • Average waiting time: 26 days
      • 50% of all waiting add-ons reviewed in less than 2 days
  • e10s: Add-ons continues to work with e10s for compatibility and planning how to stage the roll-out. For a smoother user & developer experience, it is planned for the first 1-2 Releases where e10s goes to Release (earliest in Fx45) to exclude add-on audiences, as the team continues to make more add-ons work.
  • WebExtensions: Development continues to add more capabilities. There is a targeted QA push for Fx48, where take the webextensions that have been created and stabilize any that need it and "launch" more broadly.
  • While we have a dedicated developer, developer relations and community team hit (YAY!) - we are still hiring and on-boarding new folks to focus full-time on these projects.
    • Luca Grecco joined the Developer team from Italy in December, after being a lont time contributor!!!


Initiative Risks/Issues Owner Mitigation/Approach
Addon Signing See exec summary Lisa Brewster/Add-ons Review Team pending shell update
AMO Review Queue see exec summary Lisa/Add-on Review team pending shell update
AMO Validator Andy, Lisa, Kev pending shell update

Accomplished for last three Weeks (from Sept - pending Shell update)

Planned for Upcoming Iteration

  • dev team working on Iteration 4.1 - 3 iterations per firefox release
  • Program management continues to develop the wiki and reporting and associated documents including an up to date schedule showing the relationships of different add-ons work streams
  • Developer and Community team working on onboarding new reviewer hire, and getting add-on developers to submit for signing.

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