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Status for October 19, 2015

Overall Project Health - YELLOW

Exec Summary

  • Overall program strategy reviewed and approved at PLR
  • Risks are decreasing as staffing improves but there are still many addons unsigned, lack of insufficient data, addons not working well with e10s.
  • Add-on signing will go to release in 43
  • WebExtensions in progress, see:
  • Add-ons e10s compatability moving forward see: In the top list:
    • Compatible 126
    • Shimmed 82
    • Broken 106
    • Untested 559


Initiative Risks/Issues Owner Mitigation/Approach
Addon Signing Unlisted add-ons considered critical are being reviewed as soon as they are submitted (unlisted queue is under control) but many unlisted add-on developers have not (or are presumed to have not) yet submitted for review. We are at 59% of "need to have" add-ons signed as per but only 35% of "nice to have". Lisa Brewster/Add-ons Review Team Reaching out to unlisted add-on devs to ensure they submit for review, focusing resources on unlisted add-on reviews, longer term we are changing how we review.

Accomplished for last three Weeks

  • Signing:
    • Add-on signing will move to enforcement in Firefox 43 with removal of the override preference possibly in 44.
    • We're also looking at how we can deliver a developer mode without compromising the goals of signing, as well as whether we can improve the user experience when addons are disabled to help users who lose functionality with unsigned addons.
    • Overall status at:
  • e10s:
    • e10s will ship in 42 Aurora. Add-on compatibility testing efforts continue to be maintained at [1]
    • Current status shows Earliest e10s will ship in release is 43.
  • WebExtensions:
    • Work is moved over to Andy's team, massive triage of bugs has occurred, next iteration planning is Tuesday.
  • JSValidator
    • Substantial progress made on porting the validator over to javascript
  • Metrics
    • basic dashboard of metrics for AMO using graphite to give us visibility into the review queues is now complete
  • Full details on each work iteration (three iterations per Firefox release) can be found on our new canonical Add-ons wiki
  • Add-ons for FxOS are progressing, status can be found at the FxOS add-ons Mana page (LDAP login required)
  • Staffing and Resources:
    • Development team now in place led by Andy McKay, Dev Relations and Community team also now reports to Nick Nguyen
    • One of two budgeted add-on review contractors now onboard

Planned for Upcoming Iteration

  • Themes: WebExtensions, JS Validator, Unsigned Add-ons, Signing API
    • Work is moved over to Andy's team, massive triage of bugs has occurred, next iteration planning is Monday/Tuesday.

Important Links/References