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Meeting notes for inaugural meeting, April 12, 2011.

Status report on merge

  • Merge happened, though not quite in process-order
  • Lots of crash landings last night
    • Possibly because people didn't realize until too late that the branch point was early Tuesday, not EOD Tuesday
  • Learned that we need clobbers to avoid partial branding issues
  • Q: Anything happening with shadow repos for this merge
    • A: Not this round
    • A2: Going forward shadow will track mozilla-central
  • Q: When do we have the first nightlies on aurora?
    • A: Tonight - mechanics are set up just like central, can be kicked any time. (builds are unsigned)
  • Q: Do we need to set tag in mozilla-aurora?
    • A: No, we tag aurora when we pull to beta, and the central tag gets auto-pulled
  • Q: next time, instead of taking "tip of m-c", should we take "last green changeset on m-c"?
    • A: We take tip - stabilize on aurora
  • Q: Builds will be available through the usual ftp location at mozilla-central and mozilla-aurora, right? When?
    • A: Yes. But there will be a nicer site for finding them ...and for incremental-builds, look here: Builds visible at:

l10n - what locales we are building and where

  • We are building all 88 locales on Aurora
  • We will have 18 localized download pages, other locales will get en-US
  • exact repo location TBD

Checkpoint installer process

Several pieces:

  • front-end work (done)
  • branding (done)
  • back-end piece (done - but OS X 64-bit perma-orange with an updater-related error bug 649322)
  • AUS work to generate updates (will follow next week)
  • When users download the Aurora build, they will be on the right channel.
  • Getting this all tested and working smoothly is not critical for today. We can check it enough to be confident it works.

Clearly review bug flag procedure

  • mozilla-aurora should be an APPROVAL REQUIRED tree
    • ensure that approval required hook is enabled on m-a

Outstanding Issues

  • We have updates turned off, we don't want users to get stranded bug 649322
  • Aurora nightlies are currently being labelled "alpha 2" bug 649373
  • Need to resolve approval question
    • what does the flag look like?
    • how does triage work?
  • location of l10n repos (joduinn, Christian, axel)


  • Christian to notify release drivers when we should spin our first aurora "daily" build (after outstanding issues)
  • Christian to push tag changeset from central to aurora
  • Christian (or delegate) to mark mozilla-aurora APPROVAL REQUIRED
  • Johnathan to start thread dev.planning about approval flags
  • Sheila to arrange/announce next meeting