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  • status-firefox5 flag now in bugzilla UI
  • approval-mozilla-aurora setup for devs to nominate patches
  • Need to send out detailed write-up to developers to clarify workflow - bsmedberg was working on this but out today. Should cover nominations and backout bug management process.

l10n Update

  • Email update from John this morning.
  • Making good progress but no ETA yet.
  • Nobody from RelEng in today's meeting so Sheila will follow-up on progress.


  • Going to promote Aurora to everyone on FF4 beta - using about:home snippets. Could do a MU to FF4 beta users. Should we promote the beta or aurora? Need to think about this.
  • Working with metrics to get the downloads and ADUs for Aurora - in the nightly reports.

Beta with channel changer

  • "Fake Beta" - when are we building this? Latest reports are next week. QA was told that the beta would only be there for a week or some short period of time. Sheila to follow-up on this.


  • Not enough release drivers to triage the lists today.