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  • ADUs and current channels
  • "Fake Beta"
  • Building nightly on Aurora
  • Moving Aurora and Beta repos
  • Feedback on Aurora
  • Triage


ADUs and channels

  • Christian and Mayumi met yesterday and came up with a proposal.
  • Nightly users - John looking after this. We are not trying to get any of these people on Aurora.
  • Goal: We want to grow the ADU population on Aurora but also want to keep the 4.0.1 users where they are and we need to have plenty of people on Beta when we get there.
  • Proposal: Major update prompt to people on Beta channel that are NOT on 4.0.1. There are about 2 million users and the goal would be to convert 25% of them.
  • Mayumi has started to put the Aurora billboard together so we are ready if we want to do this.
  • Will this work - Rob Strong - yes, this is possible.
  • When we go to Beta the remaining 4.0.1 users and the 4.0 Beta users - we will try and move them to Beta.
  • Escape valve is to go to Beta early so we make sure we get the coverage from users.
  • Next actions
    • Christian - file a bug to generate the manual snippets.
    • Christian will write all this up in detail.
    • Page generated for the prompt - work on getting it localized
    • Releng priority - probably at the top. They will have to create and verify snippets by hand. They will focus on getting the other builds out first.
    • QA resources - we need someone in QA to test this. Sheila will follow-up to make sure QA knows what we are doing.

Building nightly on Aurora

  • Currently we build nightly rather than when something has changed.
  • We are supposed to only be building on Aurora if there is a change - that's what the spec says.
  • Sure, we should make this change but not the top priority.
  • Keep it on the list and not top priority. Until further notice, we are generating them every night.

Beta repo setup

  • The repos are setup. The build automation is setup.
  • Need to check how we handle generating the builds and the updates.
  • Need to work through mechanically how this will work.
  • Who is going to test this? Internal, people running Aurora
  • Can we use the first run page? Yes. We can tell them to switch back.
  • We could do a home page snippet for Aurora users asking them to do this - switch to beta and switch back and report issues.
  • Need to make sure we explain what this is.
  • Only 1 drop to Beta.
  • Laura and team will let us know when they can get the marketing pieces done.

Moving Beta and Repositories

  • Currently we created the repos for Aurora and Beta on the top level like mozilla-central.
  • We want to move them to be inside the releases directory.
  • Bunch of good reasons to do this.
  • We have a transition plan for this.
  • The impact is to people checking stuff into Aurora and Beta.
  • Would be beneficial to do before we cut the first Beta.


  • Mouse scrolling issues (may be related to having a PDF open/open in background)
  • Test pilot is disabled, no Feedback button.
  • Extension compatibility (on the plus side, people say it's more responsive/faster startup)
  • Youtube buffering issues or maybe just laggy/slow.
  • Netflix streaming doesn't work
  • Flash game loading issues/slow.
  • Not localized.
    • Builds exist - advertised soon
  • Sync issues