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  • Next cutover to Aurora - May 24th.
  • Channel branding
  • Installer open issues
  • user migration continues; new numbers
  • Triage

Next cutover to Aurora - May 24th

  • Tracking6 bugs
    • There were a number of tracking6 noms that had built up over time.
    • Asa and Sheila did a first pass but we left a few of them there.
    • One of the 3 meetings next week, we should probably review these.
  • Issue with prioritization and using the flags.
    • By triaging the bugs, it seems obvious that people are using the tracking flag to try and "get something worked on".
    • This isn't the right way to go about getting it prioritized and resourced so perhaps we need to communicate this better.
    • For next week - get a list of the bugs we minused, review them and blog about what should be happening with these bugs.
  • FF6 UA change - needs to be part of checklist for Christian.
    • Need to get away from doing stuff manually and have it automated.
    • Christian owns assembling the release checklist and distributing it.
  • l10n merge
    • Should be on Christian's list as well. Will loop in Axel to make sure there are no issues.

Channel branding

  • The about logo text for Beta and Release is the same wordmark - just says Firefox.
  • Technical issues about showing Firefox (beta) vs Firefox but marketing would like to have a way to change the text and brand for a particular channel.
  • Christian - we did this because even if the code changes between the Beta and Release, the behavior stays the same. The final build of Beta WILL NOT be what we ship. We need to do something ie: channel repack. We could also change the config and do a rebuild with the same source.
  • The right way to handle this is to do the work to change the logo based on the channel, add this into the trunk and it will get in the next release.
  • Christian - it was an explicit choice to make Beta act like Release and because this is the about box, it's relatively easy. As a rule, we won't be making many of these types of behavioral changes.
  • Grace will file a bug for this work: 656518

User numbers

  • changed to 100% unthrottled late yesterday afternoon.
  • as of monday 23:59pm PDT, now have 52,159 on FF5.0b1 and 27,558 on mozilla-aurora


  • Still waiting to hear from Product about how we should proceed.
  • Sheila will make sure we have a resolution by Thurs.