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  • FF 5.0b1
    • Status
      • signed en-US builds handed to QA Thurs morning
      • MU snippets handed to QA Friday 2.27pm
    • Dependencies/issues
    • Timeline
  • Build signing
  • L10N
  • Socorro - crashes showing up as 5.0 instead of 5.0b1. This will make it difficult to track Beta1 specific crashes.
  • Triaging issues until official cutover to Beta channel

FF 5.0b1

Test Pilot Issue

  • Issue Summary
    • AMO has not been updated that there is a 5.0 compatible test pilot - version on AMO is too old.
    • We do have an updated version of testpilot because that's what's on Aurora so we do not have to do a rebuild.
    • This is tracked in the following bugs - testPilot Addon compat bug 652193 bug 645858 bug 603009.
    • Existing users on older versions of FF Betas ie: b6 that have an older version of test pilot will be told their old version of test pilot is incompatible get a prompt to update to the latest version. If they do that, there won't be a study but the feedback button and the happy/sad button will work.
    • If we wanted to update the version on AMO, there is still work pending on this.
  • Decisions
    • As long as the feedback button is operational, it's ok to have no studies until May 17th when we anticipate a study to be ready.
    • It's important to have QA test out the scenario: user with 4.0b6 + testpilot and upgrades to 5.0b1 + test pilot to make sure it works as we expect.
    • Updating AMO to be compatible is a separate issue and will not block releasing FF 5.0b1.


  • Created this morning but slightly different URL.
  • Laura thinks everything is fine.
  • Marcia: Nick Thomas noted that the behavior is a bit different. Rob Strong - this is by design. For the case of a user acceptance, you need to bring up the UI with the billboard.
  • Work not yet moved to production.
  • QA still needs to do testing.


  • Finalizing the blog posts that will go out with the updates.
  • Need to push the snippets for Aurora users at the same time.
  • Blog posts will be finalized today.
  • Rob Sayre working on a blog post that explains what 5.0b1 is - to go out today.


  • Billboards need to be pushed to production.
  • QA needs to complete testing.
  • Blog posts completed today.
  • Rob Sayre blog post - completed today.
  • Emails to rel drivers
    • QA sign off on testing - Marcia
    • Blog posts ready - Laura
    • Make updates - Rob Sayre
  • Once QA has completed testing we will have a better ETA on rolling this out.

Build Signing

  • Are we generating Beta when something changes or about once a week? This has a dependency on signed builds.
  • Decision: We will explicitly request a new build on rel drivers (on a weekly basis) and the build will be signed.
  • FF5.0b1 is signed.


  • Are there any lingering issues here?
  • Plan:
    • John running point.
    • We have a plan that on May 17th we will take what's on Aurora and drop over all repos including the l10n ones.
  • Issues
    • Axel: What happens if a localizer makes a change on Beta prior to May 17th. What's our policy for dealing with these changes. We can potentially automate something to detect if someone makes this change. We don't know how often this will happen.
    • John: We currently have this issue between mozilla-central and aurora when we back stuff out. John has a blog post on this process and how we will handle it. John and Axel will talk offline and confirm that we have a strategy that will handle all the hypothetical cases and we don't have a problem in the future. This should not be an issue for FF5.
    • For the current cycle we are telling localizers NOT to change anything on Beta. They still might do it. Our plan is to blow away what's there with an overwrite.
  • Next Actions
    • We do not have consensus on a locked plan for May 17th. Specifically we do not have agreement that we can overwrite the changes even if we told the localizers not to make them.
    • Axel and John meeting offline to discuss and will summarize for the group.


  • Issue
    • Once we have 100K users moved over to Beta, we are going to turn off the updates. We are using the old metrics to get info on the number of users we have and this data is often up to 48 hrs out of date. This means we could significantly overshoot the number of users we have.
  • Decision
    • There is a different way - using webtrends - to track statistics of first run page.
    • Info there is 12 hrs at most.
    • Decided that RelEng is going to use that data to flip on/off the switch rather than the metrics.

Socorro - crashes showing up as 5.0 instead of 5.0b1

  • Issue
    • If you search for crashes in Socorro for 5.0b1, you will get nothing although there is data there.
    • The data is showing up as 5.0.Change all rolled out on Socorro - will be update all previous crashes.
    • Need to make a change to Socorro to fix this.
    • It can be put in a branch release for 1.7.7 if necessary.
    • Issue tracked in bug bug 649432
  • Next Actions
    • Marcia will ask what happens to any reports submitted to date.
    • Sheila will talk to Laura about getting this in a patch for 1.7.7.

Next Actions Summary

  • 5.0b1
    • Rob Sayre - blog post about 5.0b1 - today.
    • Laura email re: finished blog posts that we link to from first run page.
    • Push billboards to production - Laura will send email.
    • QA will email rel drivers when ready with QA signoff.
    • Rob Sayre will email rel drivers when everything is ready to push out.
  • John and Axel to close on plan for l10n and Beta.
  • Socorro crash issues
    • Sheila will work with Laura to get Socorro changes patched to 1.7.7.
    • Marcia to find out what happens with crash reports sent prior to the change.