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  • Next Beta?
  • Signoff on builds for b1.

Next Beta

  • Not going to beta tomorrow.
  • We haven't done any approvals yet.
  • Christian away so we don't have all the relevant stakeholders here.
  • John will send an email to rel drivers about next go to build.

6.0b1 (build #1 and build #2)

  • 6.0b1 - we did 2 sets of builds?
  • QA did not test the second build, just the first one. Sign off on build #1.
  • Rel eng used new automation to do build #2 so they need QA signoff on that build before we can do 6.0b2 (we will be using the new release automation).
  • Juan - email will go to rel drivers when QA has verified 6.0b1 build #2.